I dedicate this web-site to the memory of Barry Nolte (May 8, 1932 – April 26, 2015).

My father, my friend, my mentor, my hero. I have been blessed with your love and wisdom. You taught me to pursue my passions and gave me your love of attaining as much knowledge for my passions as possible through reading. Your extensive and diverse library, which has becoming legendary to all who know you, is a testament to your pursuit of learning. This is your legacy to me, my brother, my sister and your grand children.

You showed to all whose lives you touched as a talented and accomplished musician, with the joy of laughter, the power of friendship and your passion for life. You never let hardship or bad luck keep you down. You raised a family with out having a family role model during your childhood. You learned through the school of hard-knocks and graduated with honours.

I have always, and will always continue to be proud to be your son. Rest peacefully Dad and may your new pursuits of knowledge be as fruitful as ever.


Dad 2


  • Beautifully written, every article you write is not only a tribute to the beautiful, courageous thoroughbred, but a tribute to your father, who instilled in you the ability to feel such love and devotion. I always look forward to your articles; in fact I have it on my taskbar. They are written in a way, that anyone can feel the love, and respect that you have for these horses that you write about. I have the feeling like I just met them in person, something I have never done. I tell others about this site, because many, who are younger, don’t know about some of the older greats, and you give such a great insight on each one. I’m sure your father is, and will always be, proud of this, and all things that you do; as you do them with love and integrity.

  • Love this site

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