Chelandry – Thoroughbred Royalty

Heralded matriarchs are the quintessential foundations for future generations. Much as we celebrate the stallions that father champions and sons that continue the male line, foundation mares are equally as important, just not as well publicised. However, the most successful breeders do place extreme importance in acquiring breeding stock descending from certain matriarchal families that have proven records of excellence.

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Sex Appeal – Unraced Matriarch to a Dynasty

Unraced female Thoroughbreds have historically had more value than their unraced male counterparts. In many cases throughout the Thoroughbred history of breeding, an unraced mare has produced champion offspring and became heralded matriarchs of prosperous families. There is no finer example of this than the great Windfields broodmare Sex Appeal. Bred in 1970 by Anne Forsyth in Kentucky, the chestnut

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Stymie – Patience Rewarded

There are a couple of old sayings that seem to have fallen out of favour in today’s society. “Patience is a virtue” and “good things come to those that wait” have become passé clichés to modern men and women. In an age of instant payments, instant news, instant communication, and even instant coffee, we have become a society of impatient

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Swale – Gone Too Soon

Claiborne Farm has stood many of the most important stallions and broodmares for over a century. The long list of world class stallions that stood at Claiborne sired many champions and classic winners for clients, many of which extend through multiple generations both human and equine. Providing world class breeding stock and breeding advice to clients has been the hallmark

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