The Legacy of Windfields Farm

I have a new book coming this September 14,2019. The book is titled “The Legacy of Windfields Farm” and have written it with my good friend Michael Armstrong. The book is as the title suggests, a complete history of the great breeding farm’s achievements, and the people and horses that made it such an influential component to the Thoroughbred breed.

The book takes you from the beginning to end of Windfields’ historic run at the top of the breeding charts, and onto the influence the farm has on today’s champions and leading Thoroughbred stallions and mares, long after the farm closed. The trials and tribulations of operating such a large and successful enterprise is detailed and augmented with photos of many key horses and people in the Windfields domain.

Many of the articles I have penned for this web-site are about Windfields bred greats. Now you can discover more about not only those horses, but also many more greats from the farm and about the people responsible for breeding decisions and foal raising care. We interview many of the surviving members of the Windfields family and profile them with mini bios. Also we have tracked the descendants of the key foundation mares to the present day stakes winners, and listed every stallion that stood at the three locations the farm had.

Pre-orders are now being accepted on for “The Legacy of Windfields Farm”, in the USA. The book release is September 14, so copies will not be shipped until after that date. The book is also available on Amazon in England, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, China on Amazon sites in those countries.

“The Legacy of Windfields Farm” is an ode to the people and horses that made it such a wonderful slice of Thoroughbred history.


  • I’m biased but an excellent historical read and the female genealogies are insightful (Michael just saved me reams of paperwork). Unfortunately, it was consumed in a weekend but demands multiple rereads. Thank you Colin and Michael for this preservation of this significant root of the modern thoroughbred.

  • Please write about the family of SHAMARA, SHARP CAT, IN NEON, STAR RECRUIT. I am so proud to.have bred IN NEON and owned PIER and bred RIVER MAJESTY.
    Thank you
    Meryl Ann Tanz/Cassidy
    dba Clairmont Farm

  • I recieved my copy just before Christmas. One word “FANTASTIC” I can’t believe how much research and detail is in this book. With all of the information you put in the book, it is so readable and entertaining. I now have a new favourite book about my favourite sport. Thank you so much for your work and dedication. *****

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