Triple Crown winners are some of the more exulted horses in the thoroughbred world. Many are remembered for not only their talent and speed, but also for their determination and intelligence which made them so formidable. In the case of the fifth American Triple Crown winner Whirlaway, heart and smarts were not what he is fondly remembered for. He had

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With Approval

There are many genetic factors that make a champion race horse what they are. When looking at a pedigree we generally notice the well known names within said pedigree and say “wow, nice breeding”! Smart breeders look not only for conformation matches and proven breeding successes, but also character traits and racing will. In the case of 1989 Canadian Triple

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Friar Rock

August Belmont II is rightfully remembered as one of the titans of the turf. He came by his lofty standing through his father’s prominent role in American racing. August II inherited the family love for the sport and built Nursery Stud into a powerful and prestigious breeding operation. Belmont Jr took what he learned and inherited to the top of

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War Admiral

Over time there have been certain facts about some legendary horses that for one reason or another seem to become altered, thus creating a deeper mystique. Much of these factual liberties stem from movies made decades after said horse competed. One case in point is the size of the fourth American Triple Crown winner War Admiral, who ran to immortality

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